This is a short comedy sketch made for a friend of mine.
Thanks to all the participants and enjoy! ))

Shot on Canon EOS7D, Canon Lens 50mm F1.8.

Written, directed, edited and shot by Arthur Stepanyan.
Cast: Serge Makeev, Nelly Rozina, Marina Tkachenko.

Light equipment by Braun Altman, one short Kino with four daylight lamps.

Shot in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Video Created: 2011-12-18 19:17:59
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Tel Aviv,Coffee,Bed,commercial,comedy,short,women,girls,hot.,Arthur Stepanyan,Serge Makeev,Nelly Rozina,Marina Tkachenko,Canon EOS7D,Canon Lens 50mm F1.8,Canon,Braun Altman,Cafe,Кофе

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