Have a quick look at this excerpt from our journey through Latin America, Italy and Indonesia.

As we sip our morning coffees we often rarely take the time to think about where the coffee beans have actually come from. What makes each roaster so different? Who are the people who dedicate their lives to farming our coffee?

In the new book Coffee Encounters: Adventures to Origin, Australia’s leading roasters take readers on a journey through the most exotic coffee regions from around the world. Meet some of the most charismatic, passionate and innovative people from the world of coffee. Prepare to learn just how much hard work goes into each and every cup.

Authors Jonette George & Tyson Hunter invite readers on a journey to origin to meet the farmers, pickers, importers, roasters, cafés and the baristas who go to great lengths to make each coffee ritual as perfect as possible. Filled with stunning photographs and heart-warming stories of the people behind the beans, Coffee Encounters: Adventures to Origin is a must read for those curious to learn more about the origin of coffee, its people, and its travels.

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Photography taken by Kaitlyn Wilton, Daniel Jackson, Mikey Williams & Levi Ricardo

Video produced by future paradigm pictures

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