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Coffee & Milk
Single Channel & Two Channel video, trt, 2:35, 2006

Coffee & Milk is an experimental video that transforms everyday items into something larger-than-life. This becomes a metaphor for our physical and psychological space, which is incessantly fluxing between turmoil and tranquility. Things we want to stay constant change and items that cause us discomfort remain.

In a sensual tête-à-tête between the collaborative team, images of Hillerbrand blowing milk into coffee and Magsamen blowing coffee into milk are given an unexpected point of view because the camera is placed underneath them. The images reference both galactic and microscopic views of the world. They could be satellite images of hurricane weather patterns or microscopic biological images. The lines blur as we paint with our mouths and hair. The pseudo-scientific images provide the viewer with a window to a personal moment frozen in time that eventually leads back to larger universal questions about communication and everyday life between a couple.

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coffee,milk,video art

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