Coffee Propaganda is a lighthearted, newsreel style PSA we made to talk about the positive aspects of coffee. Our main challenge was how to distill and communicate a vast amount research without it being dry. We chose to deliver our story through an alien civilization’s first discovery of coffee and their newsreel broadcast of information about the mysterious bean. Our process from design to animation was extremely collaborative, with each team member being involved in every scene. The short project time frame forced us to balance our own technical limitations with our aesthetic goals, leading us to find creative solutions in both arenas. Color, music, voice, and & camera where all orchestrated to convey a friendly world and positive vibes. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it!

Story, Script, Design, Modeling, Texturing, Animating, and Compositing realized collaboratively by:
Janice Ahn [ ]
Hyun Ji A.J. Bae [ ]
Yoon Sun Lee [ ]
Zach Eastburg [ ]

İlgilinizi Çekebilir:  Beaten Coffee / Homemade Cappuccino (without Cappuccino Maker)

Zack Taylor

Sound Engineer:
Shane Sharpe [ [email protected] ]

Music from:
Beat the Clock “Subway Polka”

Special Thanks to:
Rob Garrot and Miguel Lee

You can see more about the full process at:

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