2010,directed by Antony Huchette
17 min, mixed media, super 8 live action and animation, graduation film, ENSAD (ecole nationale superieur des arts decoratifs)
casting: Ludmilla Dabo, Reda Brissel, Philippe Caron
cinematographie : David Cailley
editing : Maguy Fournereau
sound design : Raphael Azel Martinez
music : Antony Huchette
Wali is asleep in a car being driven by a mysterious stranger. Memories of his love affair with Dalvia become tangled in a dream that turns into reality when Dalva, wherever she may be, picks up a telephone that connects her to Wali’s dream.

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antony huchette,animation,experimental,ludmilla dabo,reda brissel,azel,maguy fournerau,david cailley,super 8,mixed media

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