Federer excellence in a new commercial for Jura
Multiple Grand Slam Winner Roger Federer is the star of the new beautiful coffee dripping commercial for Jura coffee machines.
The commercial was shot on set, and all backgrounds were later replaced by a CGI warehouse, influenced by the architecture of the Gare du Nord station in Paris. To add a touch, the entire commercial was coffee colored and 60 thousands CG coffee glasses were added.
Client: Jura
Director: Andreas Hoffman
Agency: Publicis (Zurich)
Production Company: PANAM-film (Zurich)
CG & VFX: Gravity (Tel Aviv)
Chief Creative & VFX Supervisor: Ilan Bouni, Gravity (Tel Aviv)
Head of 3D & Compositing: Yoav Savaryego, Gravity (Tel Aviv)
Head of Art & Design: Israel Breslev, Gravity (Tel Aviv)
DOP: Jean Poisson
Editor: Sven Budelmann
Year: 2012

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Video Created: 2012-04-24 09:47:20

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