Client: Cumberland Packing

Agency: Mother NY
Creatives: April Mathis, Jordan Chouteau, Bobby Hershfield
Strategist: Cat Wilson
Mother: Meredith Krull
Agency Producer: Rob Marmor

Production Company: Nathan Love
Executive Producer: James Braddock
Head of Production: Derrick Huang
Producer: Dennis Samatulski
Director: Anca Risca
Design/Storyboards: Anat Even-Or
Animation Director: Brian Muelhaupt
Animators: Brian Muelhaupt, Maasa Kuwana-Muelhaupt, Pasquale Ricotta

Music: Original Composition by Drew Skinner

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Viewed: 21426

Video Created: 2011-11-08 17:04:19
Views: 21426

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