The Ken Fox Wall of Death Hell Riders perform their death-defying stunt show…

I shot this footage in Enfield in May 2013 using my Nizo 156xl super 8 cine camera (also using a Panasonic LA7200 anamorphic lens).

I used Argenti PAN-x APX100 Black and white negative film because I wanted to try some home processing.
The developing of short lengths (less than 10 feet each time) was done ‘bucket style’ in a Paterson stills processing tank using half a litre of home-mixed Caffenol C-M (coffee based!) film developing solution.
Details and recipe here…

The transfer to digital was done various ways, some with a flatbed scanner, but mostly by rephotographing the film using a DSLR camera and macro optics. The film was sometimes advanced by hand, and at other times using a DIY stepper motor and sprocket mechanism.

The Sound recording is a field recording of the Wall of Death from 2012 made by The London Sound Survey and is used here under Creative Commons agreement.

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